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Sistem Informasi Manajemen Tirta Dharma

Sistem Informasi Manajemen Tirta Dharma ini terdiri dari 3 [Trilogy] sistem yang saling integrasi dari jajaran produk aplikasi khusus PDAM. Yaitu Tirta Billing Server, Sistem Pembayaran Online – System Online Payment Point [SOPP] dan Pembacaan Meter Air Online – Water Meter Reading Online [WMRO] - Pemetaan Online [Gis] dalam bentuk Layanan Kemitraan Sistem Online [KSO].2009. 2010 Pembaharuan […]

System Internet Connection

System Internet Connection – Determining How and If Connected If you are designing a project which can use an Internet connection, it can be useful to know whether the system is connected or not. There are various methods of doing this, however the most informative and reliable method is to use the WinInet.DLL InternetGetConnectedStateEx API […]